VR-VNC for Cardboard vr devices

(Google cardboard & Google cardboard inspire)

Use VR VNC to experience your PC/MAC/Linux in 3D

Get the Cardboard


Get the App

Download it from Playstore

Scan the QR code to download the app

Scan the QR code to configure your cardboard viewer

How it work

(1) Get the VR VNC app

(2) Provide VNC host details and tap it.

(3) Put your phone into Cardboard device


VR VNC app enable us to connect and control our computer from wherever we are.We can connect with PC ,Mac, Linux anytime using android VR VNC app.

You can get to this app by Click here. or by scanning the below qr code.

VNC stands for Virtual network computing.VNC is a graphical desktop sharing system that uses the Remote Frame Buffer protocol (RFB) to remotely control another computer.

In that case please follow the below steps:

i) Please make sure your phone and PC/mac/Linux connected to the same wifi network.

ii) After that cross check whether your server and VR VNC password are same or not.Password should be same.

iii) And at last check your PC/Mac/Linux Ip Address and port number.Whether you have correctly entered your pc ip address/port number or not.Make sure it is correct.

Even after following all of the above step still you are facing some problem connecting to PC.Please Just take the screen shots of the problem and mail us at info@tantransha.com. We will try to fix it asap.

Of Course yes.It works with MAC & Linux.

Yes VR VNC is absolutely free

Yes. For better experience of 3d desktop. You must have a wi-fi connection(for creating Local Area Network).

Try 5900 as port number, By default VNC port is 5900 for all operating system like Mac ,Linux and Windows.

how to check the port number on various operating system ?


Go to Terminal write command $ netstat -a -b


Go to Terminal write command $ netstat -a -b


Go to CommandPrompt (run as administrator) write command netstat -a -b


Go to Terminal write command $ ifconfig . Read more..


Go to Terminal write command $ ifconfig . Read more..


Go to CommandPrompt write command ipconfig . Read more..