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How it work

(1) Get the Smart NFC app

(2) Smart NFC is an app which allows you to read write and program tasks on your NFC tags

Read an NFC tag -:

Click on action bar and select read option

Then Smart NFC Tools will show you all the technical feature of your NFC chip and the data it contains

  • maker's of the tag
  • type of tag (e.g : NTAG213, Mifare Ultralight,)
  • norm of the tag (e.g : NFC Forum Type 2)
  • available technology (e.g: NFC A)
  • serial number (e.g : 04:85:c8:5a:40:2b:80)
  • size of the tag and of the data on it
  • all the data on the tag (NDEF format)

Write an NFC tag -:

Choose any Action and then click save & then tap your phone on NFC Tag for writing data.

The available records are standard and allow your NFC tag to be readable by everyone without additional application

  • simple text
  • link to a website, a video, a social profile or an app
  • email
  • contact
  • phone number
  • predefined text message
  • an address or geolocation

Phone automation feature of Smart NFC -:

Write allows you to record data on NFC tags.

Phone Automation tasks allows you to perform automation operation for your phone settings and it makes lives simpler with phone.

  • activate, deactivate and toggle your WiFi, Bluetooth, car mode
  • automate sound profile: silent/vibrate/normal
  • automate display settings
  • change volume settings (media, alarm, notification, ring volume)


NFC stands for Near field communication.It is based on RFID technology. Near field communication (NFC) is a set of standards for smartphones and similar devices to establish radio communication with each other by touching them together or bringing them into proximity, usually not more than a few centimeters.

NFC tag, contains information that other devices can read but does not read any information itself.An active NFC device, like a smartphone, would not only be able to collect information from NFC tags, but it would also be able to exchange information with other compatible phones or devices and could even alter the information on the NFC tag if authorized to make such changes.

Its maximum range is 20 cm.

No.Your phone should have the NFC feature.

First you have device should have nfc feature .After that we can read nfc tags by using nfc application. Smart NFC application has the read button that can read the nfc tag content.

You can write any type of task on nfc tag like writing URL ,system date and time,Phone switch on and off and many more.

Yes NFC is absolutely free

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