Get started with cardboard

1. Get your cardboard

Visit the buy cardboard page to order a Tantransha Cardboard viewer (inspired by Google).

2. Download the Google Cardboard app

To start using Tantransha Cardboard with your smartphone, download the Google Cardboard app from the Play Store (Android) or the App Store (iOS).

3. Setting up the cardboard

When you open the Google Cardboard app, follow the instructions to set Cardboard up.
First, scan the QR code on your Cardboard viewer using your phone's camera.

Next, put your phone inside the Cardboard viewer and look through the viewfinder to continue.

4. Explore Cardboard demo apps

You can use the Google Cardboard app to try out demos, such as exploring a faraway location in 3D. Look from side to side to see the available demos, and push the button on the top or side to select one. Once you're inside a demo, tilt the viewer 90 degrees to the right to return to the menu.
You can also use the VR VNC app to try your PC's, Laptop, MAC and Linux in your VR viewer.